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General Condition of hiring and other services made online

Article 1
Equipment and services offered are described according to a type of classification as detailed on the Website.
Equipment and services can be reserved online through CHAMONIX SKI who, after payment of a deposit will confirm the reservation by e-mail to the address supplied by the hirer. If the deposit is paid using a bankcard, confirmation of the reservation will be made as soon as confirmation of the transaction has been made. If the deposit is made by cheque, the confirmation of the booking will be made immediately on reception of the cheque.

Article 2
The process of booking online is as follows –
Stage 1 : Select the service required.
Stage 2 : Fill in the fields which are marked with an asterisk and fill out the booking details.
Stage 3 : Check that everything is correct, making modifications if necessary.
Stage 4 : Accept the Conditions of Contract by ticking the box.
Stage 5 : Send the order

Article 3
The Customer has a withdrawal period of 14 full days from the moment when the Customer receives the confirmation email and the full acceptance of the Reservation.
However, this right of withdrawal may no longer be exercised if the Customer has collected the reserved equipment from the Rental Shop before the end of the 14 day period.
CHAMONIX SKI must be notified of any withdrawal request :

  • By mail at the following address : CHAMONIX SKI – CHAMONIX SKI - 117 Route des Pècles - 74400 CHAMONIX - FRANCE.
  • or via the contact section.

The Deposit will be refunded within a maximum period of 14 days by crediting the bank card used to make the reservation.
If the Customer chooses an equipment collection date prior to the end of the 14 day period and the equipment is not collected on the set date, the reservation will simply be cancelled and the Deposit paid will not be refunded.
Beyond this period of 14 days, CHAMONIX SKI will keep all payments already made. The Deposit will nevertheless be reimbursed if the cancellation takes places following an ‘Act of God’ that the Customer can justify. In this instance, the Deposit will be reimbursed within 14 days by a payment credited to the bank card that was used for the transaction.

Article 4
The payment of sums due at the time of the booking can be made by bankcard using a system of secure payment. The current system of payment is payline. Every payment by bankcard will set off an automatic authorisation to debit, any rejection, whatever the cause, will result in the cancellation of the booking process by CHAMONIX SKI.

Article 5
Photographs and other illustrations shown on the Website are representative and do not constitute a contractual obligation. Nevertheless, CHAMONIX SKI undertakes always to provide quality equipment that is technically sound in accordance with the category of equipment reserved.

Article 6
Prices relating to equipment rental and other proposed services are indicated on the Website CHAMONIX SKI. Prices are quoted in euros and include VAT at the time of the booking. These prices are fixed by CHAMONIX SKI and are those shown on the Website at the time of booking. The price of hiring equipment and/or any other service relate to a fixed period and/or a specific category: following a number of days booking, an extra day is provided free of charge. PLEASE NOTE that this applies only to the hiring of equipment and NOT to other services. The price calculated for the booking will establish the amount of the deposit due when the booking is made.

The internet offer cannot be included with any other promotion, including sales in the boutique, coupons, or any other reductions, relating to the business.

The client is responsible for all his own costs relating to his/her access to the internet.

Article 7
Reserved equipment and other services are available from CHAMONIX SKI for the period stated. Their address is given in the booking confirmation. Any claim arising out of the hire of the equipment and/or any other booked service must be addressed to CHAMONIX SKI in the form of a letter sent by Recorded Delivery within a period of three days from the end of the hire period.

Article 8
Equipment will be provided in good condition and appropriate for normal usage. The client is the sole judge of his/her ability to use the equipment correctly. Rented equipment becomes the responsibility of the client from the moment he/she takes possession. The client is obliged to take care of the equipment and to use it normally, excluding all competitions, except those that may be agreed by CHAMONIX SKI. The equipment is rented for the exclusive use of the client. In no case may the client lend, or sublet to a third party, or leave the equipment in their care.


Subject to the obligations set out in these conditions of contract, the client may, except in the case of fraud, benefit from the following,

1) The guarantee « vol, casse » noted in para.

2) GUARANTEE « vol, casse » below, does not cover damage to the person, or third parties, arising out of an accident, whatever the cause. However, in the case of evidence being provided that the equipment was defective and not suited to the purpose intended the client may claim damages against CHAMONIX SKI.

2) Guarantee« vol, casse »: the client may agree to buy, either online, or at the time of hiring the equipment, insurance against theft and damage. Such insurance will be payable in advance of the hire of the equipment, and be invoiced in accordance with conditions set out by CHAMONIX SKI. In such a case, and subject to normal usage of the equipment, CHAMONIX SKI agrees to waive any action against the client and accepts the responsibility for all repairs and/or replacements, after the deduction of the deposit, based on the cost of 7 days hiring, for equipment equivalent to that already hired. The settlement of the deposit will be in addition to the costs of hiring the equipment.

The cost of the franchise is 30% of the public selling price including tax of the product.

In order to benefit from the guarantee, the client must:
- in case of theft; provide CHAMONIX SKI within 24 hours, the original of the notification given to the Gendarmerie, or the Services de Police, reporting the theft.
- in the case of breakage; return, in a recognisable and otherwise complete state, the damaged equipment to CHAMONIX SKI for examination.

3) In the case of loss or disappearance of equipment is not covered, the equipment will be invoiced to the client at the price of the sale of the equipment including VAT, less a deduction of 10% per year based on the age of the equipment

4) In the case of theft and/or damage by the client, arising out of misuse under the terms of the contract, CHAMONIX SKI will seek a financial settlement in total.

Article 9
Equipment must be returned in good condition.
In the event of equipment not being returned, CHAMONIX SKI will start legal proceedings to recuperate the equipment as well as seeking compensation for legal fees and the like. In the case of non-return, the value of the equipment will be assessed on the market value, including VAT, of the equipment, based at the time the equipment was due to be returned.

Article 10
By activating the box ‘I accept the general conditions for hiring and other services’ the client understands that this constitutes an electronic signature, which is binding between the parties, and has the same legal commitment as a written signature.

Article 11
Website links and links to further Internet site are outside the control of CHAMONIX SKI. CHAMONIX SKI cannot be held responsible for the content of sites outside their control, especially where these sites might contravene legislation currently in force.

Article 12
Information asked for by CHAMONIX SKI are necessary for dealing with booking enquiries. The client has a right to access to the this information, to modify, correct, or delete, by writing to CHAMONIX SKI

By post: CHAMONIX SKI – CHAMONIX SKI - 117 Route des Pècles - 74400 CHAMONIX - FRANCE

Article 13
The version of the General Conditions current at the time when the client confirms his/her booking will apply.
General Conditions current online, on the Website, supersede all previous versions
General Conditions may be subject to modifications by CHAMONIX SKI, at any time.

Article 14
Transactions are effected in French (translations into other languages have only an indicative value).
This contract is made under French Law. Transactions are in euros.